Technology Updates Rochester Chapter

December 17, 2021 Technology Update

From the Desk of Patrick Wahl, Technology Committee Chair:

Happy Holidays to all from the Technology Committee. As you are working on ground-up development projects, don’t forget to check the NYS and Federal Wetlands Mapping System for potential Wetland concerns on sites you are considering. The links to both sites are below. If you have any questions on how to use these sites, please contact me at

NYS Wetlands Mapper:

Federal Wetlands Mapper:

February 24, 2021 Technology Update

RAC NYSCAR is happy to announce Patrick Wahl is our 2021 Technology Committee Chair. The goal of this Committee is to provide information and education about key platforms, applications and tools that practitioners should know about in order to make their businesses the most effective and efficient that they can be. So, stay tuned for postings from Patrick about technical news you can use.

The first improvement that we would like to share is the transition of our LinkedIn Page to a Business Page (from a Personal Page). Please start following us on this new LinkedIn Page. The second improvement is RAC NYSCAR will have a new public Facebook Community Page, which is in the works.  You may continue to follow us on the current Facebook page for now.

We encourage you to invite your associates and peers to both of these pages as these will be our dominant platforms to share information, articles of interest as well as other important information.


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