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December 1, 2023

Technology Tip - Check Out Free Access to the NAR Library!

From the RAC NYSCAR Technology Committee:

If you haven't taken advantage of the NAR library, have a look this holiday season at the free access to thousands of books on business and real estate with your NAR membership. Go to and use your NAR ID to login.  Then download the mobile app Libby for listening to audio books on the go.

November 1, 2023

Technology Tip - ChatGPT Tips & Tricks from NAR

From the RAC NYSCAR Technology Committee:

October 18, 2023

Technology Tip - ChatGPT

From the RAC NYSCAR Technology Committee:

If you have not tried ChatGPT, you should.  If you are not comfortable with making prompts to ChatGPT, try the RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®) version where you can get market trends and scripts for video.

September 6, 2023

Technology Tip - Turning the Tables: New Data Sets Come to RPR® Commercial

From the RAC NYSCAR Technology Committee:

RPR® (Realtors Property Resource®) offers Commercial practitioners a wealth of data and tools, including access to over 850K Commercial listings and 56M off-market properties. Plus, consumer data insights, site selection and mapping tools, Trade Area Reports, POIs, traffic count data, and the list goes on. But, you know what? There’s always room for more! We’re bringing even more data sets to the Commercial side of our platform. Find out more ...

August 28, 2023

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR) -- A Commercial Practitioner's Secret Weapon!

Learn more ...

August 8, 2023

Technology Tip - Eleventh Circuit Rules that One Text Message Is Sufficient for Standing

From the RAC NYSCAR Technology Committee:

Marketing in the digital age we are in, people constantly receive and send text messages. A more recent court ruling has strengthened the concept of one wrong text message could be construed as a violation of the TCPA laws. See this article for the full story.

July 17, 2023

Technology Tip - How to Make Your Website Accessible to the Visually Impaired 

From the RAC NYSCAR Technology Committee:

Click this link for an important article that lists "Seven Factors That Make Websites Accessible to the Visually Impaired."  Learn more about accessibility features and considerations for designing websites that can be used by people with blindness and low vision.

June 23, 2023

Technology Tip - Use the Monroe County Mapper Systems Measuring Tool

From the Desk of Patrick Wahl, Technology Committee Chair:

Worthy of repeating, here's June's Tech Tip. Want to know how best to estimate the size of a floor plate at a Downtown office building? Use the Monroe County Mapper System’s measuring tool. This tool allows you to measure both distance and area with a variety of different unit types. Use this link to the Monroe County Mapper System: For any questions about how to use this tool, please reach out to Patrick Wahl at

May 15, 2023

Technology Tip - Realtors Property Resource® has added ICSC to its Partner Program 

From the Desk of Christopher McCarthy, Technology Committee Team Member:

Great news! Realtors Property Resource (RPR)® has added ICSC to its partner program. If you are a REALTOR with the Rochester Area Chapter of NYSCAR, make sure to log in to your RPR® account and update it with your ICSC member number under the MLS.

April 11, 2023

Technology Tip - Buy A Laser

From the Desk of Patrick Wahl, Technology Committee Chair:

Lasers allow an agent to quickly ascertain approximate sizes of different building areas, ceiling heights, column spacing, etc. They are worth keeping in your car and will save you a lot of time. View types of lasers at a local supplier.

March 3, 2023

Technology Tip - Calendly, A Free Online Appointment Scheduling Software

From the Desk of Christopher McCarthy, Technology Committee Team Member:

Calendly is your scheduling automation platform for eliminating the back-and-forth emails for finding the perfect time — and so much more. This is great for agents to attach in an email signature or have linked in their website for consulting with prospective clients. With a paid version, you can set up even more events and teams.  Find out more at Calendly.

February 15, 2023

Technology Tip - Using the "Broadcast Emails" Feature on the NYSCAR Website

From the Desk of Patrick Wahl, Technology Committee Chair:

“Broadcast Emails” through the NYSCAR e-mail function located on the RAC NYSCAR Homepage is a great way to announce new listings, remind the market of listings that have gone stale, announce auctions and calls for offers and search for those challenging tenant and buyer requirements. This system is a great way to reach a large amount of people quickly – the broadcast emails can be as broad as all of NYS or targeted to specific NYSCAR Chapter areas. If anyone would like instruction in how to operate the Broadcast Emails system, you are welcome to reach out to Patrick Wahl.

January 13, 2023

Technology Tip - How to Instantly Turn Any Process into a Step-by-Step Guide

From the Desk of the Technology Committee Team:

Need to show people how to use a website or web application for research but need it to be printable as PDF? Check out Scribe. It's a way to record your actions and make a quick guide of how to do things on websites and web apps. It takes screenshots of your mouse actions and records your keystrokes. Once you are done recording, it lets you go back and clean up the instructions to make sure they are what you meant to do and get rid of unneeded clicks. Then, go ahead and save and share your PDF how-to guide.


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