From the Desk of Dara Rennert,
Incoming 2022 RAC NYSCAR President

December 17, 2021

Esteemed Colleagues:

The last two years have presented our industry with unparalleled times. There is no owner, tenant, operator, investor or individual that was not impacted by the effects of COVID-19.

As a Commercial Real Estate community, I am proud that we united to help and advocate for our clients, friends and community members. Through the darkness of businesses and owners suffering, we are now seeing the birth and growth of new industries. We have watched customer habits change, enabling retailers to adjust their style.

In reflection, this year has been a pivotal time for our industry and, boy, did we pull off some miracles! As Brokers, we heightened our problem-solving skills and became experts with creative solutions. It was inspirational to watch all of you in action!

Heading into the New Year, all indications point to an even stronger year in both sales and leasing. I believe our industry will continue to change and pivot, and the importance of staying on top of industry trends and opportunities will be more important than ever. For this reason, our participation within RAC NYSCAR will be more imperative. As the Incoming President, it is my commitment to you to continue our path of forging forward, with access and tours to elite facilities and bringing top-notch Education and programs to our region.

I want to thank Ginny Squire for her two years of service during these trying times as she led our organization with grace. Ginny has left us in a great position to grow our programs and membership, and I am grateful for all her leadership over these years.