From the Desk of Ginny Squire,
RAC NYSCAR President

February 24, 2021

Well, as we are well into the first quarter of the year, it seems that 2021 told 2020 to “hold my beer” as it looked like 2020 might be outdone. But, now we are seeing signs of resilience, change and hope. Perhaps soon, we can get back to in-person meetings and networking! In the meantime …

New Virtual State Educational Offerings each Month:
NYSCAR on a State level is committed to serve and strengthen their members during this time. We held our Board of Governors meeting earlier this month and are setting some new initiatives in place to ensure value is still brought to the membership. Watch for virtual educational opportunities that will be offered and sponsored by the State NYSCAR each month. Many of these will be for CE credit. Topics will include Social Media Marketing, Ethics, Fair Housing, fighting Commercial tax assessments and financial planning for Brokers newer to the business. NYSCAR will be sending out invitations to these classes so be looking for them.

New RAC NYSCAR Hosting Opportunity and April 22 RPR® Training:
RAC NYSCAR will continue to host regular virtual member events on a monthly basis. Moving forward, we are offering a new opportunity to exclusively sponsor an entire month. See more details below in this newsletter and contact Chris Passero at with your interest.

We are pleased to be offering a virtual Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) training class on April 22. Save the date and stay tuned for details, registration and possible sponsorships!

Enhancing the Use of Technology to Benefit our Members:
In today’s world, we just can’t do business without technology. Steps are being taken on both a State and Chapter level to help our members utilize technology to grow their business. The State Technology Committee is currently reviewing a few apps that will increase the effectiveness and enhance the services the State website provides. Some of the services we are looking to include will be the ability for Chapters to register their members for events, enhance email broadcast abilities, payment processing and more.

Our Chapter is very happy that Patrick Wahl is the Chair of our Technology Committee. The goal of this Committee is to provide information and education about key platforms, applications and tools that practitioners should know about in order to make their businesses the most effective and efficient that they can be. So, stay tuned for postings from Patrick about technical news you can use.

The first improvement that we would like to share with you is the transition of our LinkedIn Page to a Business Page (from a Personal Page). Please start following us on this new LinkedIn Page. The second improvement is that RAC NYSCAR will have a new public Facebook Community Page, which is in the works, but you may continue to follow us on the current Facebook page. We encourage you to invite your associates and peers to both of these pages as these will be our dominant platforms to share information, articles of interest as well as other important information.

Welcome to our New BOD Members:
Finally, I would like to invite each of you to welcome our two newest Board members: Alex Amorese and Peter Burke. It is exciting to have them on the Board, and they are quickly getting involved in our Committees and special projects