From the Desk of Ginny Squire,
RAC NYSCAR President

December 14, 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, I merely wanted to share a couple of thoughts with all of you.  I have been honored to be able to be part of this organization, let alone its President.  But, I have never been prouder of wearing the red NYSCAR pin than I am now.  Why you may ask?  Let me break it down in an acronym: 

N   Never give up.  We continue to serve our clients, adapt to market challenges and
        changes, and we find new ways to serve.

Y   You are the ones who make NYSCAR a strong and solid organization.

S   Share – I think our Panel Discussion that we held in November is just one example
       how this Chapter is eager to share knowledge, best practices, opportunities and

C   Care – You are Board members of non-profits, you raise money for charities both
        locally and nationally, and you take an active role in improving our communities
        and neighborhoods.

A   Adaptable – As individuals, you have created and are a member of a collective
        Chapter that has adapted to change and helped others adapt also. 

R   Resilient – Enough said. 

As our holidays will be different, may they be times to reflect on all of your individual personal and professional successes.   I wish you all a holiday season of health, serenity and love.  We will approach the upcoming year as we have this year, one day at a time, never giving up, you will share, care, adapt and continue to be resilient.  

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year, mask up, wash your hands and stay healthy.