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February 26, 2021

From the Desk of Christopher McCarthy, RAC NYSCAR Governmental Affairs Chair:

The following bills are now on the State Senate floor calendar:

  • Senate Bill S1448:  Requires certain signatures on real estate documents.  More details
  • Senate Bill S538B:  Requires Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons to receive implicit bias training as part of their license renewal process.  More details
  • Senate Bill S2131A (A new active version: A):  Relates to requiring the secretary of state to promulgate regulations requiring Real Estate Brokers to institute standardized operating procedures for the prerequisites prospective homebuyers shall meet.  More details
  • Senate Bill S2132B (A new active version: B):  Increases required training for Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Salespeople to prevent discrimination.  More details
  • Senate Bill S69:  Makes provisions regarding small claims jurisdiction where claimant is a tenant or lessee of real property owned by defendant that is situated within certain limits.  More details
  • Senate Bill S290:  Exempts a debtor's interest in his or her rent-stabilized lease from bankruptcy proceedings.  More details

What this Means:
The Senate floor calendar is the list of bills that are eligible for a vote before the entire Senate membership. Each bill on the floor calendar is assigned a unique number (a “calendar number”) which determines the order in which the bills are considered.

What Happens Next:
According to legislative rules, all bills must be “read” by the clerk three times over the course of three session days before the bill is eligible for a vote. The rule is in place to guarantee Senators an adequate amount of time to read and analyze each bill they will have to vote on. Informally, this process is sometimes called “aging.”

This three-stage process starts with bills on “First Report”; it is followed by the “Second Report”; it concludes with the “Third Reading.” These steps advance automatically on successive legislative session days. In rare, urgent circumstances, the Governor can issue a “Message of Necessity”. This will add a new bill directly to the Third Reading calendar, bypassing the aging process and allowing for an immediate vote after a bill has been placed on the floor calendar.

What Can I Do?
All members of the Senate welcome legislative feedback from constituents at When you use the New York State Senate website to officially support or oppose this bill, your feedback will be shared directly with your senator.

February 8, 2021

From the Desk of Christopher McCarthy, RAC NYSCAR Governmental Affairs Chair:

Credit reports may be off-limits in the near future for residential rentals.  New York A4681, a current bill being considered in the New York Assembly, relates to rental discrimination based upon consumer credit history; prohibits a person from refusing to rent or lease or otherwise to deny to or withhold from any person or group of persons housing accommodations because of the consumer credit history of such person or persons, or to represent that any housing accommodation is not available for rental or lease when in fact it is so available; defines consumer credit history.  Track it here.

Here is another resource available to track Legislative bills in process.

January 14, 2021

1/14/21 Update! New York Assembly Bill A2220 referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee 
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