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All Brokerages and Salespersons should take a moment to confirm with their council the implications of the Bill below. The level of documentation is still not clear and that has to be a concern. 

Chap. 696 – S.2131: Requires the DOS to develop regulations pertaining to requiring brokerages to institute standard operating procedures and submit them to the DOS and DOS to maintain a file of these statementsThe approval memo raises concerns about additional costs to the state per the bill’s requirement of the DOS to create and implement the Standard Operating Procedure database. As such, the governor and legislature have agreed to make several changes to this law that will 1) require real estate brokers to institute standard operating procedures, 2) allow the DOS to supplement the standard operating procedures through the rule making process; 3) require brokers to notarize and date stamp the standard operating procedures and any revisions thereto, and post the SOP on any website and mobile device application maintained by the broker, and require brokers to make a copy of such procedures available to the public at their office, 4) require brokers to affirm compliance with these requirements when renewing their license, 5) amend the effective date to allow for a public hearing, development of regulations and give brokers time to comply with the law.

RAC NYSCAR has made the decision to postpone our January, 2022 Kick-Off to later in February, 2021. We will continue to keep the membership notified of specifics for our event as COVID issues unfold.

NYC Council May Pass Legislation Banning Tenant Criminal Background Checks
The New York City Council continues to push toward passage of Int. 2047 as early as this week. The bill would block landlords from running criminal record checks on potential tenants before leasing their units. The legislation would apply to criminal cases that are pending, as well as past cases and convictions.
The New York City Council is also poised to pass an amended bill (Int. 2317-A) that will ban the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas in new buildings. Lawmakers reached a deal late Wednesday on a bill requiring new buildings less than seven stories to go electric on Jan. 1, 2024, and those seven stories or greater by July 1, 2027. Projects that get their construction documents approved before those dates will be exempt. Read more here.

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced masks will be required to be worn in all indoor public places unless businesses or venues implement a vaccine requirement. This a major action to address the winter surge comes as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations rise statewide. This new business and venue requirement extends to both patrons and staff. This measure is effective Dec. 13, 2021 until Jan. 15, 2022, after which the State will re-evaluate based on current conditions.  Read more ... 

ICSC is working with the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) to oppose new proposals that would establish Commercial rent control and have a detrimental effect on small businesses, the real estate industry and New York City overall. The two bills in question each create some form of commercial rent control in New York City:

  • Intro 1796 establishes a commercial rent guidelines board of seven Mayoral political appointees tasked with setting annual rent increases for certain commercial tenants including retail stores and offices of 10,000 square feet or less.
  • Intro 2299  establishes an automatic right-to-renewal process that would allow a tenant the option to extend their lease in certain cases for up to one year with not more than a 10% rent increase. 

“ICSC opposes this new legislation establishing Commercial rent control, which would have a detrimental effect on small businesses, the real estate industry and New York City. These are precisely the areas that have been hit hardest by the pandemic and the ones that need the most support,” stated Tom McGee, President & CEO of ICSC. “Both bills encourage landlords to deprioritize smaller tenant spaces which typically are more supportive and aligned with the unique needs of a neighborhood. They are examples of government encroachment into the free market system and ignore negotiated contractual agreements. They will take an even greater toll on the marketplaces industry and will have the opposite effect of what is intended.”

The City Council will hold a virtual hearing on these bills on September 17 at 10 am. ICSC General Counsel & Senior Vice President Lesley Campbell is slated to testify.

How you can help? Click here to email your local councilmembers.
ICSC will continue to work with REBNY and keep members posted on new developments.
For more information contact ICSC Global Public Policy at


The State Legislature on September 1, 2021, extended New York’s eviction moratorium to January and expanded the provisions of the federal rent relief program Wednesday, ensuring a safety net for tenants and landlords as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on. 

The Legislature, reconvened by Gov. Kathy Hochul this week, addressed the matter of the Aug. 31 expiration of the original residential and commercial eviction and foreclosure moratoria, which were put in place as public health measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. 

An extension was needed because the federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program, meant to keep tenants and landlords afloat amid job losses and other financial ramifications of COVID-19, has been slow to distribute funds, Hochul said Tuesday.  Continue reading ...

More details on Senate Bill S50001

Stanley A. Gniazdowksi, CRE, CCIM, will be the instructor for the CCIM CI101 course, "Financial Analysis for Commercial Investment Real Estate," being held in Manlius, NY, on November 8-11, 2021 at the Calvary Club, 4801 Troop K Road, Manlius, NY 13104. Course Details and Registration

Here's Why YOU Want to Participate in This Meeting:   The New York State Independent Redistricting Commission is proud to serve on New York’s first bipartisan Commission responsible for drawing our State’s district lines after the 2020 Census.  We want you to know that we need your help.  We are committed to drawing New York’s maps based on input from the Public.  To do that, we need you to tell us about your community as well as how your district lines can be improved.  We urge you to either submit information through our website/via mail or attend one of the many hearings we will be holding virtually and all across the state; please sign up to testify on the meetings page.  This process will only succeed with your input, so please make your voice heard!

City of Albany Passes Local "Good Cause" Eviction Law.  On Monday, July 19, 2021, the Albany Common Council voted 9 to 2 approving a measure (Local Law F) that creates the first local “good cause” eviction law in the State. The new law caps annual rent increases in the City of Albany at five percent, provides for automatic renewal of tenant leases who are current on rent payments, even if that lease has expired, and prohibits evictions unless the landlord has established one of ten possible conditions as a good cause for removal. The new law does not apply to owner-occupied buildings with three units or less. NYSAR, along with the Greater Capital Association of REALTORS® launched a public campaign in opposition to the proposal. There is potential for a legal challenge to the law. NYSAR will be closely monitoring the issue. Learn more.

New York State lawmakers on Monday, May 4, passed legislation that would extend a statewide moratorium on Residential and Commercial evictions through August 31. The extension would provide additional relief for tenants, who have had broad protection from being taken to housing court since the start of the pandemic, just as New York is expected to start distributing $2.4 billion in rental assistance to struggling renters.  Read more …