7/19/21: City of Albany Passes Local "Good Cause" Eviction Law Rochester Chapter

City of Albany Passes Local "Good Cause" Eviction Law.  On Monday, July 19, 2021, the Albany Common Council voted 9 to 2 approving a measure (Local Law F) that creates the first local “good cause” eviction law in the State. The new law caps annual rent increases in the City of Albany at five percent, provides for automatic renewal of tenant leases who are current on rent payments, even if that lease has expired, and prohibits evictions unless the landlord has established one of ten possible conditions as a good cause for removal. The new law does not apply to owner-occupied buildings with three units or less. NYSAR, along with the Greater Capital Association of REALTORS® launched a public campaign in opposition to the proposal. There is potential for a legal challenge to the law. NYSAR will be closely monitoring the issue. Learn more.